Wednesday, 16 November 2016

a. void

I sat alone
I closed my eyes
I entered the void of my thoughts

I thought about sleepless nights,
Crying to the brim.
Those wonderful days,
Laughing till my stomach ached.

This is what made me wonder, how swiftly the time passes?
How unexpectedly we weave memories?
Lips curved, eyes watery
A cumbersome process of some people leaving us,
Or we leaving some.
A process of going through pain and laughter altogether.

What magic this life beholds!
Easy to misunderstand than to understand.
How ridiculously wonderful this process is?
Wanting us to live and die together.

Making the most of it with the least,
Finding happiness in grief
And suddenly in between, I opened my eyes
I stopped thinking
Yes, I entered the world again
And realized what I'm in.
An amazing life yet full of rigor,
Was writing about it, more easier? 


  1. Words in the lines are very touching.....for some moments i started imagining....