Tuesday, 4 October 2016


As you were born you didn't know what it was,
Where in the world have you been.
And then you step out
You started understanding things
You started questioning things.
You didn't know before how big this world is
You didn't know you are just a speck of dirt
And the whole universe out there consists so many big things
This whole creation made up of galaxies
Including thousands of hidden secrets
Much brighter and spectacular and amazing stories
Much more than simply theories
And you know now what are you
Where are you in this big world
You individually aren't visible from satellites up above
What makes you count then?
And just then when you saw her
You knew she wasn't something less than a galaxy
So bright and beautiful as she lightens up your soul
All those darker corners where you hid your blues
And suddenly you understood what are you here for
What makes this life count
May be not for yourself or for your selfish reasons
But because someone came and gave you reasons
You don't worry about being a speck of dirt
Because it was the moment you found out whole universe
She burns herself out to shine for others so frequently
That never did you hesitated to call her a galaxy
A collection of stars formed in the most significant and surprising manner
How magnificently was her body carved in perfect measure
How oddly you forgot about your coercions
So swiftly when she seized all your sensations
So much different she is from all those you met
And how truly and madly you love her for that
Combination of elegance and sparkle as she shines in your eyes
Now you know why everyone considered galaxies as sublime
Questioning your own existence this whole time
And how her entrance changed your whole life
Every time you see her
You know she isn't less than a Galaxy
Made out of stars that shines eternally, so brilliantly. 

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